Compiler is a platform for conceptual digital art, curation and critical practice – in institutional and alternative spaces. Led by Tanya Boyarkina, Oscar Cass-Darweish and Eleanor Chownsmith, the group’s artistic and curatorial practice investigates socio-political challenges in digital culture.

Compiler explores the possibilities of digital art and curation as a process of discovery through synaesthetic experience of technology. Their aim is to create accessible works and events through which audiences can delve deeper into digital technologies that shape day-to-day experience. Topics covered include: cyber security, surveillance and climate emergency. While projects often expand sensory possibilities afforded by our collaboration with technical objects and virtual worlds: drinking security software, dancing html or moulding a viral object.



Tanya Boyarkina is a Russian-born London-based artist, curator and facilitator. She is passionate about projects that broaden access to the arts through digital technology and collaboration.

Oscar Cass-Darweish is a digital practitioner working between Birmingham and London – carrying out artistic enquiry into human-technical relationships in the space of hardware/software/code.

Eleanor Chownsmith is a London-based artist who works in school education outreach. Her practise explores community arts in the context of digital culture.

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