Once was Walthamstow @ William Morris Gallery

Saturday 25 November 2023, 12 – 4pm, drop-in

Sculpting and 3D Scanning Workshop (adults and children, ages 5+)

Part of the Radical Landscapes events and activities programme at the William Morris Gallery in London. Visit the Event Page for more information.

– – > Explore the map with workshop outcomes and 3D scanned creations in this virtual gallery!

Make a modelling clay monument and learn about 3D scanning by adding to a Walthamstow of 200 years ago on a physical and virtual map!

Reimagine the landscape of rural Walthamstow from 200 years ago. Using your experience of the urban landscape of today and inspiration from the Radical Landscapes exhibition, make a modelling clay sculpture to add to Coe’s 1822 map and create a collaborative artwork. Together, we will be 3D scanning the sculptures to build a digital Walthamstow using the foundations of the 200-year-old map.

What is the Coe Map?

The Coe Map of 1822 (from the Waltham Forest Archive collection at Vestry House Museum) was produced by John Coe and depicts Walthamstow as it was in 1822, before urban expansion took hold and the landscape was changed forever.

Photo Credit: Eric King