slimeslimeslimeslime @ isthisit?

Fri 28th July – Fri 4th August 2017

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Online exhibtion curated by Compiler in collaboration with Orange

Slimeslimeslimeslime is a live-streamed video of a Raspberry Pi running a script that finds, downloads and plays YouTube videos with ‘slime’ in the title, never the same one twice. The screen and Pi too are being covered in slime.

The work uses the phenomenon of the on/offline slime craze to explore what it means to have a mediated tactile experience. Slime is created and spread online, made in batches offline, uploaded, downloaded, shared and reformatted, reformed, re-edited and made following a range of recipes. Is our obsession with slime connected with the universality of tangible tactile experiences? Therapeutic pleasure that makes you ask ‘why is this so satisfying’?

Within the online arts space Isithisit, can cult value transform into exhibition value and bring distraction into contemplation?

Orange is a Newcastle-born artist with a strong interest in Libre software, Veganism, sousveillance/surveillance, digital identities and the colour orange. Orange’s work covers areas such as repetition, data reuse, information security, digital identities, and repetition.

isthisit? is a platform for contemporary art founded in 2016 by it’s current director, Bob Bicknell-Knight. Online, it operates as a gallery creating weekly exhibitions showcasing emerging to mid-career artists, hosting a roster of guest curators experimenting with the medium of the internet to interrogate a variety of different concepts. Offline, it has held exhibitions in venues across the UK and is the publisher of the isthisit? magazine. The first issue is available to buy online, with the second issue currently in production.