Cryptobar @ Goldsmiths Library

10th June 2017 – 31st July 2017
Ground Floor, Library, Goldsmiths, University of London

Compiler in collaboration with Fabio Natali

The Cryptobar blurs the line between cryptography and the art of cocktail making. The installation aims to encourage discussions around data and surveillance: where your data is going, why it matters, and how to keep it private. You may be surprised at the long trail of digital footprints we leave behind us. This data can be collected, stored, manipulated and compromised in ways not even conceivable until a few years ago, by individuals, private companies or governments.

Information security experts say that there is not a single definitive formula to protect your privacy. It is a matter of understanding who you are, what you need to protect and who you need to protect it from. Instead of bombarding you with threat modelling, the Cryptobar creates conditions for strategising in response to surveillance while mixing cocktails. So, have a look at our Cryptobar Menu to find some software that might be right for you.

Fabio Natali is a London-based software developer and entrepreneur. He is passionate about coding best practices and the Python programming language. Driven by a particular interest in the social and political implications of digital technologies, Fabio is a long-time Free Software advocate and digital rights campaigner.