Compiler is a collective for digital art, curation, and critical technical practice, implemented in institutional and alternative spaces. It is led by Tanya Boyarkina, Oscar Cass-Darweish, and Eleanor Chownsmith.

The group’s artistic and curatorial practice investigates socio-political challenges in digital culture, where the possibilities of digital art, curation, learning, and research are explored as part of a process of discovery through technological experiences. They aim to create accessible works and events through which audiences with different levels of technical awareness can delve deeper into digital technologies that shape day-to-day experience. Topics covered include cybersecurity, surveillance, and environmental conditions.

Tanya Boyarkina is a London-based artist, curator and cultural producer aiming to demystify complex technological processes through playful, collaborative, participative formats.

Oscar Cass-Darweish is a digital practitioner working between Birmingham and London – using artistic enquiry to explore human-technical relationships in the space of hardware/software/code.

Eleanor Chownsmith is a London-based artist who works in school education outreach. Her practice explores community arts in the context of digital culture.

What is important to us?

  • We see our works as part of a decolonial practice to equip ourselves and others against surveillance and other forms of control that our digital devices contribute to
  • Deconstructing hardware and software at points where our freedoms and autonomy are at stake
  • Being social-justice-driven while being playful, collaborative, engaging
  • Learning together in playful, collaborative environments
  • Showing that it is not necessary to be an expert to critically engage with technology
  • DIY / DIWO (do it with others) practices
  • Aesthetics of sustainable, environmentally-friendly practices with low computational costs
  • Getting people interested in complex topics at a basic level

Compiler visual identity originally developed in collaboration
with Saskia Freeke.

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