Does It Matter?

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PV + Music + Cocktails 6-9pm Thu 25th May 2017
Open 12-9pm Fri 26th

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The machinic phylum is materiality, natural or artificial, and both simultaneously; it is matter in movement, in flux, in variation, matter as a conveyor of singularities and traits of expression.
– Deleuze and Guattari

Compiler invites you to join us in a pulsating slime-scape that permeates the boundaries of digital and organic, virtual and physical, and self and non-self.

Does it matter? brings together five London-based artists whose work traces the relationship between matter and identity.

Their work is intuitive, inquisitive and performative, investigating the way in which our individual realities are created through the mediation of pure form and raw matter.

Through video, interactive installation, sound and slime, this exhibition challenges the idea of digital technology as virtual or immaterial. It reminds us that our relationship to the digital world is also one of materiality: of circuits, wires, and silicon. The inter/trans-materiality that emerges through this relationship creates messy, unstable substances that obstruct, disrupt and interfere with the surfaces of our identity.

Friend Red
Ursula Pelczar
Gaby Sahhar
live synthetic slime sounds by Janine A’Bear



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Compiler is a platform for the production and presentation of new media art and dialogue.

We present a cross-disciplinary programme of exhibitions, workshops, discussions, performances, and screenings, with a focus on creative and critical engagement with digital technologies.

We support collaborative, process-driven projects which connect artists and local communities in networks of knowledge-exchange.

Our programmes seek to find a role for the distributed and participatory systems of new media art in a community context, and encourage digital literacy in a world increasingly mediated by technological systems.

Compiler is directed by post-graduate students from Goldsmiths, facilitating interaction, professional development and networking opportunities for early-career artists and residents of New Cross.


Alisa Blakeney is a Western Australian curator. Her work looks at the role of distributed and participatory systems of new media art in creating community narratives.

Tanya Boyarkina is a Russian-born London-based audiovisual artist and curator facilitating projects that broaden access to the arts through digital technology.

Oscar Cass-Darweish is a London-based artist interested in ways that code can affect perceptual experience.

Eleanor Chownsmith is a London-based choreographer pushing dance into the digital realm. Her practise aims to explore community arts in the context of digital culture.

Friends of Compiler

Alexandra Joensson
Angelika Karasinska
YeunJeong Kim
Howard Melnuyczuk
Anna Mikkola
Fabio Natali
Out of the Brew
Samantha Penn
Toni Quiroga


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